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          High 江苏快3预测

          Student graduation year

          How can we help you?


          Begin your journey through a seamless high 江苏快3预测-to-college-to-career program designed to expertly guide your family every step of the way.

          College江苏快3预测 Admissions Program

          Students participate in a series of personal meetings, small peer group classes, and workshops covering a variety of college admission topics.



          A PFA student begins their college planning journey in the guiding hands of a highly experienced college counselor. The counselor-family relationship grows by learning and understanding what students and families want in a college. Through a series of personal meetings, small peer group classes, and workshops students and parents learn about every aspect of the college admissions process from our team of expert college advisors and financial planners.

          Personalized Student Attention

          • Access to a collaborative college admissions counseling staff with more than 150+ years combined professional counseling experience
          • Partner with a dedicated college admissions counselor and receive:
            • In-depth focus on student goals and college and career interests
            • Expert analysis of student’s current standing and admissions potential
            • Comprehensive meeting notes detailing actionable items
          • Complete self-discovery interest and aptitudes assessments and receive a comprehensive review to identify best college major and career options
          • Discover student stand out factors and extracurricular initiatives
            • Showcase individual unique characteristics
            • Assess competitive positioning with other college applicants
            • Comprehensive meeting notes detailing actionable items
          • Engage in resume building, professional preparation and college interview skills
          • Employ a comprehensive strategy for completing the college application process

          Academics & Testing

          • Customized ACT / SAT testing plan
          • ACT / SAT Strategy workshop
          • Access to robust Method Test Prep software
          • Proctored full-length ACT / SAT tests
          • Thorough review and tracking of:
            • High 江苏快3预测 transcripts
            • ACT / SAT Test Scores


          College江苏快3预测 Discovery

          • Build a strong college list using PFA’s S.A.F.E.© College江苏快3预测 List Strategy
          • Analyze college acceptance rates, academic profiles and other criteria
          • Learn strategies to achieve college admission goals, improve odds of:
            • Admission into top choice 江苏快3预测s
            • Acceptance into specialized college majors and programs
            • Acceptance into highly selective 江苏快3预测s (e.g. Ivy Leagues)
            • Achieving the best college admissions results


          Building your college list: Number of colleges on your list

          Finding the best college for you: PFA’s S.A.F.E© College江苏快3预测 List Strategy



          Applications & Admissions

          • Improving odds of acceptance into highly selective 江苏快3预测s
          • Structure to help manage the college application process timeline
          • College江苏快3预测 application strategies and best practices
          • Common application workshops
          • College江苏快3预测 application process checklist
          • College江苏快3预测 interview preparation
          • Application guidance for Early Decison, Eary Action and Regular Decision


          Paying for College江苏快3预测

          • Introduce concepts and strategies to afford college
            • Initial budget discussion to identify an annual college budget
            • Maximizing government aid
            • On-going evaluation of potential for need- and merit-based aid
          • Building a college list that considers your college budget and aid potential
            • Best practices for winning private scholarships
            • Discussion on potential impact of adjustments to asset positioning
            • Understanding student / family loan options
            • Expert guidance for navigating financial aid application process


          Financial aid types available at colleges

          Essay Review Program

          • Comprehensive essay coaching by professional writers with a combined 80+ years of professional writing experience (e.g. past journalists at national newspapers, book authors, etc.)
          • PFA’s full Quality Review goes beyond basic proofing, to include:
            • Assessing an essay’s topic and topic treatment (how it’s written)
            • Reviewing content, structure, mechanics and fact-checking
            • Guidance for shaping, polishing and elevating an essay
            • Brainstorming conferences – phone / video / in-office
            • Continued email support from first to final essay draft
            • Up to three essay reviews from our Essay Coaches
          • Essay Review 江苏快3预测 for college related essays include:
            • Common app essay
            • Coalition app essay
            • Supplemental essays
            • Housing essays
            • Scholarship essays
            • Honors Program essays
          • Essay Bootcamp
            • Three-day, focused summer sessions to complete Common app essay


          Strategies for writing a great college essay

          College江苏快3预测 admissions officers want to read an essay that is compelling and interesting!


          Schedule a Free Consultation

          or call us at 630-730-8825



          What students say about our College江苏快3预测 Admissions Program...

          • PFA helped me a lot with my college search/decision experience. They were always willing to answer my questions and they gave me so many resources to help along the way. I appreciated how often they checked in with me and I knew they really cared. PFA helped me with essay writing and editing, gave me research templates and advice to narrow down my 江苏快3预测s by being incredibly knowledgeable about each institution, and pushed me to expand my horizons with Linkedin setup, YouScience aptitude tests, and other professional workshops they offered.


            • Maggie M.

              Attending Mount Holyoke College江苏快3预测, MA

          • Partners for Achievement provided services to me throughout my college process that were essential to my success in searching for a college. They provided organization and guidance, which made the stressful and chaotic college process less daunting. PFA went above and beyond and taught me the professionalism and skills that I will use after my college experience as well. I’m extremely happy with my choice and the path that I am on, and especially thankful for PFA getting me here.


            • Tess S.

              Hinsdale South High School, IL

          • Our daughter was in the top of her class with a bright future academically. My husband and I, having no experience and very little knowledge in the college selection process, wanted to make sure she had the best guidance possible. We were extremely grateful for the expertise the PFA team provided. Utilizing their services alleviated a lot of stressful conversations with our daughter about deadlines and keeping on task. The skill set she acquired during the process from interviewing skills to professional prep will be key in the years to come. Kevin Krebs was always available to answer everything from simple things to complicated personal financial questions. Their program was worth every penny spent!



            • Nora S.

              Daughter at University of Illinois

          • Our high 江苏快3预测 did not prepare us for the college search process. The team at PFA was phenomenal in mapping out the details and helping our son stay on track to meet key deadlines with everything from ACT prep, to applications and essays. They also provided us with a list of engineering 江苏快3预测s that met our budget. Although our son received offers from 9 江苏快3预测s, PFA’s team helped him understand the cost of each 江苏快3预测 and he ultimately decided to start at a community college. Partnering with PFA was a great decision!



            • Sue N.

              Daughter at College江苏快3预测 of DuPage

          • I was getting at least a few questions wrong per section every single time, and it was difficult for me to pinpoint why. Method Test Prep helped me go from a 33 on my first practice test to a 36 because it took apart each of the sections of the ACT piece by piece, found the most commonly missed types of questions, and then presented practice drills for those.


            I liked the amount of practice that MTP gave me, with new types of questions and drills every week. I did MTP over the summer, where I came in every Saturday morning for 2 hours and went through the lessons. The regularity and routine that PFA provided me helped me really focus on the lessons and set my mind to doing well. I also liked how MTP had one drill per ACT subject every week, so I was improving in all 4 areas constantly, rather than fixating on one at a time, which is what I would’ve done without the program. It’s really great that PFA provides a service that seems to have an endless wealth of practice problems, as I believe that made all the difference in the end. I got so much prep from MTP that I didn’t feel the need to use anything else to study. MTP helped me review all the types of questions I would see and then gave me more problems to practice than I could ever need. I took the ACT for real a week after finishing the MTP course, and I can honestly say that the test itself was not that difficult because of all the prep I had.


            • Annika A.

              Hinsdale Central High School, IL

          College江苏快3预测-to-Career Program

          College江苏快3预测 students receive one-on-one mentoring to guide them from their high 江苏快3预测 senior year through all four years of college and position them to achieve their career potential.



          • Focused plan to help students graduate in four years
          • Resume refinement
          • Career network building strategies
          • Internship and job opportunities via access to proprietary professional network
          • Strategies for targeting and engaging potential employers
          • Application, interview and salary negotiation training



          Schedule a Free Consultation

          or call us at 630-730-8825

          WHY CHOOSE US

          The college planning process can be overwhelming.
          Our expert college admissions advisors offer families:


          Peace of mind

          Rest assured, our college counselors, coaches, and support staff will keep your student on track throughout the college application process.



          Count on our comprehensive counseling program to help you sort through the complexities of applying to college.


          Less stress

          Partner with us, expert college guidance consultants, to help manage the many college planning tasks.


          Financial clarity

          Receive custom analysis of how the cost of college attendance compares to your budget.


          Industry knowledge

          Team up with all of our college admissions experts for insight in college admissions counseling, major and career exploration, resume building, interview prep, essay writing, standardized test strategy, college budget, financial aid process, and more.



          Follow our proven roadmap for the college admissions process to keep you focused and finish the college planning process on time.


          Custom solutions

          Every student has their own unique path to college and Partners For Achievement will help you discover your path.